Fed up with short lashes?

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Diablo Lashlift

Results are instant, and they last 2 months

The simple 3 step application takes just a few minutes at home. Then you're left with beautifully long, lifted natural lashes for up to 2 months.

You’ll feel confident in your own eyelashes

Empower your natural beauty and feel stunning as soon as you wake up. After lifting, you'll wonder why you ever worried about using mascara and curlers every morning.

You’ll save time & money every month

Fed up with heading to the salon every few weeks? Stay at home and allow your eyelashes to reach their fullest potential, without the need for expensive lash extensions.

It's waterproof & maintenance-free

Forget tough to remove waterproof makeup. This keeps your eyelashes silky soft, while being naturally water, sweat & eye rubbing friendly.

we've made it work with all eyelashes

With 5 different lift pad sizes, we've got all eyelash types covered. You can be sure you’ll get a perfectly curled finish, even with the shortest eyelashes.

Your Questions Answered

Lashlift lasts up to 2 months, this depends on your natural eyelash growth cycle, which can be between 6 and 10 weeks.

The 3-step process takes just a few minutes, easy to follow instructions are included so you can easily do it yourself from the comfort of your home.

Yes, Lashlift works on all types of lashes, including short and sparse lashes.

Lashlift is a simple and painless process. With easy to follow instructions allowing you to do it yourself at home in minutes.

Yes. Lashlift is safe and irritant-free. There are no harsh chemicals included in any of our products.

Our formula contains only safe, damage-free ingredients, ensuring your lashes remain silky soft and healthy for the whole duration of your lift.

Lashlift is a maintenance-free solution and will grow out naturally on its own.

Yes! You can wear mascara with Lashlift.

Yes! You can swim and shower with Lashlift. It's completely water, sweat and eye-rubbing friendly.